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BOLAZZI Floriane

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Sujet de Thèse

Mutations du travail et mobilité sociale en Inde rurale : microscopie socio-économique des grandes transformations structurelles dans un village en Uttar Pradesh

Directrice : Isabelle GUERIN (CESSMA - IRD) et Gabriele Ballarino (Università degli Studi di Milano)


-  Labour adjustments and economic transition in rural India after 1990s reforms : Casual labour and mobility in Palanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Cornell University, Industrial Relations and Employment. European Doctoral Workshop "Industrial labour relations and Employment", Ithaca, June 10th, 11th, 12th2018
-  Discussion of Sunanda Sen (Professeur d’économie à JNU) presentation : Economic Performance and Regional groupings in Asia : Cina and India , Università di Urbino Carlo Bo and Osservatori sulle Economie Emergenti. Workshop "Assessing Asian Economic Development", Urbino , May 30th2018.
-  Emerging patterns of labour mobility in rural India : evidence on trends and processes from a longitudinal case study in Palanpur (Uttar Pradesh), FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Technical Workshop "The drivers and impacts of migration andlabour mobility in origins and destination : Building the evidence for policies that promote safe, orderly and regular people’s and labour mobility for poverty reduction and sustainable development",December 1st2017Rome
-  La "casualization" du travail en Inde rurale : évolutions, définitions et implications CESSMA (Centre d’études en sciences sociales sur les mondes africains, américains et asiatiques) Seminar "Le travail globalisé : approches historiques et contemporaines", Paris, November 10th 2017
-  Relational dynamics and socio-historical processes of low-level regulation of rural non-farm labour markets. An empirical study in Palanpur (Uttar Pradesh) SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) Workshop "Worker-Contractors : refiguring low-level labour market intermediaries in contemporary India", London, July 7th2017
-  New patterns of mobility and casualization of labour in Palanpur, CPR(Center for Policy Research) Workshop "Labour Migration and Social Change", New Delhi, March 27th-28th2017


-  Master dissertation "Networks and Mobility. Palanpur case study", CSH Working Paper Serie 2014.

-  "Innovation touristiques, jeux d’acteurs et invariants du rapport à la ville à Fès, au Maroc " (avec Gabriel Fauveaud, Roman-Oliver Foy, Thibault Lemaitre, M’hammed Idrissi). A paraitre dans Revue Internationale des Etudes du Développement
-  "Commuting for casual work : changing patterns of labour mobility in Palanpur". A paraitre comme chapitre d’ouvrage dans Handbook Of Internal Migration (coordonné par Irudaya Rajan) édition SAGE.
-  "Emerging patterns of labour mobility in rural India : evidence on trends and processes from a longitudinal case study in Palanpur" Actes de Colloque Center for Policy Research "Labour Migration and Social Change", New Delhi, March 27th-28th2017

Résumé de thèse

Floriane Bolazzi was previously part of the program ""Palanpur : India’s Economic "Revolution" : A Perspective from Six Decades of Economic Development in a North Indian Village" lead by Dr. Himanshu (Jawaharlal Nehru University) to which she contributed a study on networks effects and labour mobility in Palanpur (Uttar Pradesh), and later she developed a PhD project partly based on the findings of the program. Floriane inquires in her PhD the nexus between the flexibilisation of work, the transformations of the employment structures and the social segmentation of the labour market ; she tries to identify and understand the conditions and the dynamics determining the individual and collective trajectories of social (im)mobility. Her focus is on rural labourforce converting from agriculture to non-farm sectors and her research is located in Moradabad district (Uttar Pradesh). She combines a statistical analysis of the inter-generational and the intra-generational mobility in Palanpur from a wide range longitudinal database from 1958 to 2015 with an in-depth qualitative survey in Palanpur and surrounding urban areas.